BooBot is a simple remote controlled robot with basic sensory avoidance capabilities. Despite being rather ugly it's named after the world's cutest dog, Boo. BooBot is made from inexpensive parts and generally handles pretty poorly. However, it has been valuable to play with Platform IO, OpenCV and other IoT concepts. Control is handled in the following chain: Web server > Raspberry Pi > Serial connection to Arduino > Performs basic commands with avoidance.



Fiddle Faddle

Fiddle Faddle is an alternative to the typical blog, todo or movie manager app used to learn different programming languages, frameworks and tools. Fiddle Faddle is a simple trivia game implemented on different platforms like desktop, mobile, server and web app. It's designed to cover basic application concepts such as OOP, IO, REST, DB, GUI, Graphics and more. More advanced topics might be added but this is more than enough for now. While this is a personal project, pull requests for fixes and improvements are always welcome.

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