Coolstuff to look into...


JBake - Open source static site/blog generator

Symfony - PHP framework for web applications

Lumen - The stunningly fast micro-framework by Laravel

Caffe: a fast open framework for deep learning

Every Programmer Should Know

Gimp 2.8 Photoshop Tweaks

Pure.css - A set of small, responsive CSS modules

Flask Ask - Alexa skills kit for python

Nitrux - A [interesting] linux distribution

Aleksa - a small framework for writing Alexa Skills in Kotlin

JumpFm - A file manager that lets you jump

Tarsnap - Online backups for the truly paranoid

Dracula - A dark theme

Electron & Vue.js quick start boilerplate

Tiling window managers like i3 and xmonad

Microsoft Bot Framework

DuoCopter drone with two motors

Postage - A Free PostgreSQL Administration Tool

Ivy - A minimalist static website generator built in Python

Phoenix Framework - A productive web framework that does not compromise speed and maintainability

Telegram desktop app

Inferno - An extremely fast React-like JavaScript library

Erle-Copter - A Linux-based smart drone with support for the Robot Operating System

Ponzu CMS - a powerful and efficient open-source HTTP server framework and CMS

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